20197613日,第32届国际青年物理学家锦标赛(International Young Physicists’ Tournament, IYPT)在波兰华沙成功举行。我校高3(4)班王涵悦,高3(5)班刘天翼同学入选中国代表队,与来自中国人民大学附属中学、北师大附属实验中学国际部和深圳中学的其他3位中国选手共同奋战,发挥稳定。经过5轮比拼,中国队保持单场总分第1,顺利升级决赛,再次蝉联团体金牌。






1. Invent Yourself

Design an instrument for measuring current using its heating effect. What are the accuracy, precision and limits of the method?

2.Inconspicuous Bottle

Put a lit candle behind a bottle. If you blow on the bottle from the opposite side, the candle may go out, as if the bottle was not there at all. Explain the phenomenon.

3.Swinging Sound Tube

A Sound Tube is a toy, consisting of a corrugated plastic tube, that you can spin around to produce sounds. Study the characteristics of the sounds produced by such toys, and how they are affected by the relevant parameters.

4.Singing Ferrite

Insert a ferrite rod into a coil fed from a signal generator. At some frequencies the rod begins to produce a sound. Investigate the phenomenon.

5.Sweet Mirage

Fata Morgana is the name given to a particular form of mirage. A similar effect can be produced by shining a laser through a fluid with a refractive index gradient. Investigate the phenomenon.

6.Saxon Bowl

A bowl with a hole in its base will sink when placed in water. The Saxons used this device for timing purposes. Investigate the parameters that determine the time of sinking.

7.Balls on a String

Put a string through a ball with a hole in it such that the ball can move freely along the string. When you move the free end periodically, you can observe complex movements of the two balls. Investigate the phenomenon.

8.Soap Membrane Filter

A heavy particle may fall through a horizontal soap film without rupturing it. However, a light particle may not penetrate the film and may remain on its surface. Investigate the properties of such a membrane filter.

9.Magnetic Levitation

Under certain circumstances, the “flea” of a magnetic stirrer can rise up and levitate stably in a viscous fluid during stirring. Investigate the origins of the dynamic stabilization of the “flea” and how it depends on the relevant parameters.

10.Conducting Lines

A line drawn with a pencil on paper can be electrically conducting. Investigate the characteristics of the conducting line.

11.Difting Speckles

Shine a laser beam onto a dark surface. A granular pattern can be seen inside the spot. When the pattern is observed by a camera or the eye, that is moving slowly, the pattern seems to drift relative to the surface. Explain the phenomenon and investigate how the drift depends on relevant parameters.

12.Polygon Vortex

A stationary cylindrical vessel containing a rotating plate near the bottle surface is partially filled with liquid. Under certain conditions, the shape of the liquid surface becomes polygon-like. Explain this phenomenon and investigate the dependence on the relevant parameters.

13.Friction Oscillator

A massive object is placed onto two identical parallel horizontal cylinders. The two cylinders each rotate with the same angular velocity, but in opposite directions. Investigate how the motion of the object on the cylinders depends on the relevant parameters.

14.Falling Tower

Identical discs are stacked one on top of another to form a freestanding tower. The bottom dics can be removed by applying a sudden horizontal force such that the rest of the tower will drop down onto the surface and the tower remains standing. Investigate the phenomenon and determine the conditions that allow the tower to remain standing.

15.Pepper Pot

If you take a salt or pepper pot and just shake it, the contents will pour out relatively slowly. However, if an object is rubbed along the bottom of the pot, then the rate of pouring can increase dramatically. Explain this phenomenon and investigate how the rate depends on the relevant parameters.

16.Nitinol Engine

Place a nitinol wire loop around two pulleys with their axes located at some distance from each other. If one of the pulleys is immersed into hot water, the wire tends to straighten, causing a rotation of the pulleys. Investigate the properties of such an engine.

17.Playing Card

A standard playing card can travel a very long distance provided that spin is imparted as it is thrown. Investigate the parameters that affect the distance and the trajectory.




第1轮由于反方的失误,我们队并没有取得理想的分数,排名也罕见地排在10名以外。从第2轮开始分数稳步回升,其中张哲伦学长的科幻之声和我的酱油光学均取得了7.13分;学长在面对评委提问公式的来源时所说的“I derived all the equations by myself, I have no references”震惊4座,被全队奉为经典。王涵悦同学的反方和评论方也取得高达8分的得分,乃至有评委打出10分。贺昕妍同学稳定的反评得分保证了队伍排名的稳定上升。这些得分使中国队在第5轮之前位居第4。第5轮自选我成功展现了循环摆并取得7.63分,这使我在波兰基本没有留下遗憾。


波兰的IYPT比赛带给我很多新的体验;首先相对国内的YPT比赛,国际赛事更重视对基本物理原理的理解,即在正方报告中要将产生这1现象的物理进程讲授清楚;易于理解的展现和清晰的表达会促使评委们偏向于打高分。相比之下,带有多个积分或求和符号的冗杂公式就不那末遭到青睐。这直接导致队伍中物理水平最高的张哲伦学长决赛的自选正方没有取得理想的分数;评委认为学长的题缺少“own contribution”:他们认为正方的公式全部来源于文献,缺少对这道题自己的贡献。而事实上那道题大部份的公式都是学长自己推的,而评委明显没有相信。




供稿人:青年物理学家社 王涵悦 刘天翼